Power Solutions in Power Voltage Fluctuations

Private Limited Company Established in 1985.

About Us

ICON is a reputed name in the world of Voltage regulation. We are specialists in providing solutions to our esteemed customers on problems of fluctuating voltage, power loss and help them increase their system efficiency and reduce their electricity Bills.

These Regulators are extensively used at Factories, Industries, Hotels, Hospitals, R&D Centres, Large office and Residential Units etc. for Automatic Boosting in case of Low Voltage or Automatic Bucking in case of High Voltage, thus giving a constant voltage with variation of +/- 1%. Voltage fluctuation affects the normal functioning of electrical equipments and sometime damages the equipments which lead to production loss. Hence, in such conditions these units are compelled to run on diesel generating sets continuously which results in high maintenance expense for generators, apart from the increased cost of electricity generation. The initial capital, investment made on the AVR is recovered in a short period by means of increased production level and saving in maintenance costs and also on the generation cost of power.

Evaluating the customers’ requirement and based on our valued consultants & electrical experts’ input we have launched a new product Transformer with built in H.T. AVR with different range of voltage variation. This product was first supplied to Tata Tea in the year 1992. Till date we have supplied the same product to a number of customers, all over India and all of them are working satisfactorily.

After Delhi Govt. new regulations coming into the picture, we have started manufacturing Dry Type Transformers with Oil Cooled Built-in H.T. AVR. Presently we have already commissioned two 1600 KVA Dry Type Transformer with Oil Cooled built-in H.T. AVR to Sir Gangaram Hospital extension project. In this connection, we like to intimate you that we have launched a unique product international basis from R&D Division of 500 KVA Dry Type Transformer with Dry type Built-in H.T. AVR and dispatched to Usha International Ltd. Further, our 2 MVA 11 KV H.T. Automatic Voltage Regulator are working satisfactorily at LRDE & GTRE Installations at Bangalore and also in several sites. In Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board, S.E.B , we have supplied 33 KV 3.15 KVA H.T. AVR. It is our pleasure and honour that we could serve satisfactorily many other highly esteemed organisations globally and are continuing to give them support on regular basis.

Our Experience

Our organization is run by qualified engineers with more than 39 years of experience in this segment. We have all along served our customer according to their need and in the process of continuous research and development, we have grown to this height. We are having in-house testing facility of all the equipments as per IS guidelines.

Our Reputation with Clients

Our products are well proven for more than three decades at different site conditions without any problem. In case of any problem, we have well experienced Service Engineer Team to support our customers. Because of our long presence in the market, we are capable of servicing any make at any point of time upto capacity of 5 MVA and voltage grade of 11 KV or 33 KV.

Our company is registered with National Small Industry Corporation and it is registered with MSME (EN No. 190181101182)