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H.T. Automatic Voltage Regulator Step less Linear Rolling Contact Type

RANGE : Up to 10000 KVA in 11 & 33 KV Class..

General Information

H.T. Automatic Voltage Stabilizers are used to get stabilized H.T. input voltage, irrespective of the voltage variations received from electricity supply authorities. Additionally, these stabilizers also prevent the transformer and other electrical equipment from getting overloaded. Wide voltage variation ranges are taken care continuously and in on load condition. The variations of more than ± 1% of the rated output voltage are sensed through solid state relay. This relay operates on 230 V, 110Ø supply and sends signals to the stabilizer’s motor, which drives the roller mechanism in lower and higher direction to bring voltage to the rated output voltage within +- 1%. The Accuracy of +-1% may vary depending on the specific requirement of customer.

H.T. Automatic Servo Voltage Stabilizers have helical coils mounted on a conventional laminated core. Carbon rollers are assembled on a fibre glass carrier board and are traverse to the length of the coil track. The rollers are connected to the electric output terminals. Nearby the regulating coil, a number of compensating winding is connected in parallel, which are short circuited to reduce the effect of core-flux fringing. It also keeps the reactance of the regulator constant at any position of the rolling contact.


These HT-Automatic Voltage Regulators are widely used in different industrial sectors for getting a stable input voltage.

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