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Dry Type Transformer

RANGE :Up to 5000 KVA in 11 and 33 KV Class

General Information

Dry type transformer are non-explosive fire resistant, air insulated, and are cooled by natural circulation of air through ducts provided in the construction. High temperature and high dielectric insulating materials like glass fiber reinforced, nomex insulating tapes are used in such a way that the entire assembly is capable of withstanding high electrical and mechanical stresses with good dissipation of heat causing low temperature rise within the prescribed limit of insulation class

Winding are made up of electrolytic Grade, Soft and bright annealed copper conductors covered with nomex insulating tapes. The wound coils are preheated and impregnated with silicon varnish under vacuum pressure and undergo a curing cycle. The low voltage coils are wound over glass fiber reinforced cylinder having high mechanical strength. The high voltage coils are supported over yoke on glazed porcelain or resin insulators. The core is made of CRGO silicon steel laminations duly annealed after shearing and assembled in mitred construction for low “NO LOAD” LOSS.

The yoke frame has adjustable pressure plates to clamp & secure the coils adequately. Lifting arrangements is provide on the top yoke frame so that the core and coil assembly is lifted. OFF-CIRCUIT TAPPINGS if required are provided on HV side of the winding and terminated on fiber glass terminal board for changing the transformer ratio in “OFF CKT” position.


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